Fascinating Origins of Custom Coins

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Before you plan the design, logo or motto that you are going to have us put on your custom coin, might as well know the origins of why such coins are being provided.


custom coinsThere are a lot of origins detailing how the custom coin came about. It actually varies from one person to another, depending on whom you are going to ask.

The practice of giving out custom coins can be dated back during the Roman empire. Roman soldiers just like military men of today were rewarded these coins after fighting in a battle. These coins were usually made from more important elements like gold, silver and copper.

This tradition has been carried on until today. Military men from the all departments are being awarded for their loyalty and service.

Another one of the stories on how the custom coins came about is during World War I.

It was said that during this time, American volunteers from all parts of the country joined the newly formed air force. Some were wealthy students who came to join the war.

There was this wealthy officer from one unit who gave medallions made from gold to his members. There was this one Airman who placed it in a pouch that he wore around his neck.

This pilot’s aircraft during the war was damaged and he was forced to land in the territory of the Germans, who were the enemies back then. He was then captured and all his belongings were taken except for this pouch.

He was then taken to a small French town where he later escaped. He was able to pass through German patrols since he dressed up like one of the civilians. He was able to escape this enemy’s territory to a French outpost.

But unfortunately, the French did not recognize his American accent and they prepared for his execution. He had no proof then that he is an ally except for the medallion that was given to him.

One of his French would-be executioner, recognized the squadron’s insignia. Upon confirmation of his identity, he was served wine instead of being executed.

Another popular origin was that from World War II. Jim Harrington of the 107th Infantry proposed a Jolly sixpence club in order for them not to be infiltrated by spies of the enemies.

This practice was accepted when he presented it to the junior officers. The coins were used for identification during a personal meeting to check if the one attending is really a member or not.

The identifiers on the coin were the type, date of the coin and all other important information. These were then examined by each party. This was Jim’s way of preventing infiltration into the meeting by a spy.

Another story said to have transpired during World War II was about another American soldier who was about to meet with the Philippine guerillas. The coin which bore the Philippine unit insignia on one side was used by the guerillas to identify him that he is an ally. An ally that was sent to help them with their war against the Japanese forces.

Another story was that of the Vietnamese military. It was used as a replacement for the ordnance that they used to wear which supposedly brings them luck. It used to be a small piece but then grew and bigger making it more dangerous.

The main purpose of the ordinance was when going to a bar you have to carry your lucky ordnance otherwise the one who doesn’t have it would need to buy everyone drinks.

But because of the danger that Vietnamese military men carry with them with these bigger ordnance, commanders banned the use of it.
Instead the commanders thought of giving custom coins which inscribed the unit crest.

Whatever the real origin may be, the tradition is still carried on until today. It is being awarded to those who have made significant contributions or accomplishments.

Challenge coins are now extremely popular and if is now reachable even by common people.

Such coins are a great way of showing your allegiance to the department or organization where you belong. And that’s the reason why everyone who receives them carries the coins with pride.

Now that you know that you have a background of the origins and know the importance and value of the challenge coins, all the more that it should be planned of carefully and created intrinsically. Be a part of the history by ordering your own custom coins now from Coins4Less.

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